CNC / 5-Axis

3D Test Lab

Laser Works

Silk Printing

Hi-End Coating

The STRUCTURE business department is mainly in charge of making: functional models of automobiles and home appliances, including various automobile lamps, medical apparatus and instruments,  game machines,  electric tools etc. The APPEARANCE business department is in charge of making appearance models for different industrial products, mainly digital products, such as: mobile phones, VR, tablet PC, watches etc. We are leaders in elaborate processing and complicated surface finishing.

Silicon Mould

Leather / Eco


We high pay attention to SECURITY AND PROTECTION of customer information. We use ERP to control the process of the production, we implement PAPERLESS PRODUCTION and strictly PARTITION every single workshop. A CCTV system is installed to MONITOR every angle of the workshops and the public areas. A FINGERPRINT CONTROL SYSTEM is used to limit access to all entrances and exits. USE OF CAMERA DEVICES IS PROHIBITED in all manufacturing areas.