Fastest production is possible thanks to the size of the factory. At present, HONPE Prototyping covers an area of 30000 m² with 220 CNC machines, 16 five-axis machines and 620 employees. Best courier services that we have contracts with will make your precious pieces arrive door-to-door within 36-HOURS DELIVERY time in average.

With over 20 years of experience in serving AUTOMOTIVE and AEROSPACE industries, IT/TELECOM and DIGITAL products, HOME APPLIANCES, MEDICAL equipment and many other industries, we can handle both conventional and technically challenging requirements, including very specific SURFACE TREATMENT. Our indisputable quality and technical excellence make us your expert partner when it comes to find the best quality you are looking for.


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The hardware mold business department is in charge of both metal processing and mold making, processing various non-standard metal components of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. We can DEVELOP, DESIGN and PRODUCE MOULDS as requested by customers and the combine the use of different machines. Production placement is also possible.

In order to meet customers demands and provide the highest quality service,  Honpe  established the R&D CENTRE, which is in charge of developing ERP systems and other applications used by our customers: automation design,  electronic design,  structure design, advertising and planning, graphic design, process technology development,  prediction and development of prototypes etc.