HONPE TECHNOLOGY was incorporated in 1999. At present, HONPE Technology covers an area of 30000 m² with 300 CNC machines and 700 employees. We began mobile/cellular digital mockups in 2005. Our business reached international markets in 2011. In order to meet continuous growth and improvement in overseas business, we established a new branch of HONPE TECHNOLOGY(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd in Guangming, Shenzhen. Being a new branch and having the company booming, a core team of experienced employees was drafted in, mainly to serve demand of Europe and Japan. In 2015 HONPE opened a branch in Japan. In 2016 HONPE opened a branch in Italy. With over 20 years of experience and clients of top lines in Fortune 500 from different industries, we are leaders in developing, processing and complicated surface finishing. Best courier services that we have contracts with will make your prototypes arrive within 48 hours in average after leaving the factory.

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